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Complete Guide to Argentina Visa for Indian Citizens

Updated: Mar 11

In 2019, I went on a 6 months motorcycle trip across South America. I started from Chile, went all the way to Ushuaia (Argentina), the end of the world; came back to Chile riding through the Atacama desert to reach the majestic salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia. I spent close to 50 days in Peru before crossing into Ecuador and finishing off in Medellin, Colombia.

To plan a trip like this you need three things - time, money and a privileged passport. But if you're somebody like me who has an Indian passport and has saved up enough money for this trip, you need a lot of patience for Visas. Luckily (thanks to my travel history), I was able to get the US visa in a very short time which helped me enter Colombia, Peru & Ecuador. Bolivian Visa is fairly easy and Chilean embassy is very sorted; it's the Argentinian Visa that is the most tricky and can take 3-5 weeks. So, in this blog I will talk in detail about everything you need for Argentina Visa.

Documents Required for Argentina Visa for Indians

1. Passport

If you need to step out of the country, you need a passport of course, with validity of at least 6 months.

2. Visa Application Form

You can download the Spanish Visa Application Form here. For easier reference, you can download the English Visa Application Form here.

Please note, there is a section in the form - References in Argentina - If you do not have any references, you can simply put name and address of your accommodation. I used a fake name - Mario Gonzalves; it's completely fine, you can even ask some hotel guy for his name, address & phone number you can find on google on booking.com.

3. Passport Size Photo

Passport size photo details are there on the form. You need a coloured 4x4 photo on a white background.

4. Return Flight Tickets

You need to show return flight tickets. If you're planning to do multiple countries, you can simply book refundable tickets online and submit with your application. For example, I only had a one way flight ticket to Chile, so I showed to & fro bus tickets for Argentina which I later cancelled and got the refund.

5. Evidence of Funds

Just like Schengen Visa, you need to show evidence of funds. You must submit 6 months bank statement duly stamped by the bank. Additionally, you can also share fixed deposit summary or credit card statements to support your application, but that's optional, I just showed the bank statement where I maintained a balance of 1-1.5 lacs+.

6. Invitation Letter/ Accommodation Proof

If you do not have an invitation letter, you can simply show hotel bookings. You can easily book free-cancellation hotels or hostels through booking.com.

Now these are pretty straight forward documents which most of the first world nations require. Argentina has a couple of more requirements which are slightly complicated ->

7. Cover Letter

You need to submit a cover letter describing your itinerary and purpose of travel. I have attached a sample that I submitted and was approved.

+ Spanish Translation

Now the tricky part is that you need to get your cover letter professionally translated in Spanish and submit it along with the English version. This is very important because I was sent back the first time I visited the embassy because I had blindly used Google Translate. So now you have two options - either get it translated through a professional or just use Google Translate smartly.

A lot of times what happens is that when you copy paste an entire page or paragraph on Google Translate, there can be minor issues in translation. So the first thing you'd do is just translate the entire document into Spanish using Google Translate. Now I'll advise you to do a reverse translation; i.e. convert the Spanish version of the document into English using Google Translate. If you notice that some sections do not have the exact translation as the original document, just copy-paste those parts of the document and translate them individually.

I did the same exercise, it took me 10-15 minutes, and it worked. Alternatively, it is also recommended to use other translation websites like -

Cambridge Dictionary

Spanish Dict

+ Notary

Once you have the cover letter ready and translated, you need to take a print out and get it notarized. Getting a notary stamp is fairly easy in India, you can visit the small shops around court, RTO or passport office and they will charge Rs.50-100.

Please note - Notarize only the English version of the documents, do not notarize the Spanish version. You have to submit both English & Spanish Versions.

8. Employment Letter

Argentina is no country where you can fool your boss and go on a holiday. You need to submit your proof of employment with an official permission that you're visiting Argentina on a holiday, and this should be on a company letterhead.

Now, the employment letter also needs to be translated in Spanish & the English version needs to be notarized. I know this doesn't make sense, but only a handful of government processes do make sense. Please note, that you have to submit both versions for Employment Letter & Cover Letter with notarized English versions and non-notarized Spanish versions. (this is a common mistake, hence I am stressing on this)

What if you're not employed?

If you're self-employed or a student, you can simply show a proof of your occupation. Please note that this also has to be translated in Spanish and English version needs to be notarized.

9. Salary Slip/ Income Tax Return

You need to submit your income proof which would comprise of last month's salary slip along with 3-year income tax return.

That's it!

So, if all your documentation are sorted, not much can stop you from getting an Argentina Visa.

Application Process for Argentina Visa For Indians

The application process for Argentina Visa in India is quite simple, you need to submit all the above documents along with the application form to the Argentina Embassy in Delhi or the Argentina Consulate in Mumbai. Once you've submitted the documents, you'd receive an interview call for which you'd have to visit the embassy in New Delhi. After the interview, your visa would be issued the very next day and it can take up to 5 days to receive the passport.

Application Fees for Argentina Visa

Argentina is one of the few countries that do not have any visa fees for Indians. Yes, Argentina Visa is Free for Indian citizens. Muy Bueno!

Having said that, you may actually end up spending more than even Schengen Visa. Here's why ->

1) For Argentina Visa, interview is mandatory. And for the interview you'd need to fly to New Delhi on an immediate basis, they will literally give you 1-2 day notice and you may end up paying 5-10k on flights depending on your location. Thankfully, I live in Gurgaon, but for people not living in Delhi NCR, it can be expensive.

2) You may end up losing some money on bus tickets/flight tickets/hotel bookings if you book it without doing much research. This cost won't be much as hotel cancellations are generally free. I didn't book any flight tickets but did lose around 10% of the booking amount on bus tickets.

Argentina Visa Interview

Argentina Visa interview is pretty chilled out, unlike Schengen Visa which can be really stressful. In reality, I was actually going to do a motorcycle trip, but then there would have been lot of uncertainties to explain the route along with dates especially in a Visa interview.

So, I showed a 5-week trip around Mendoza, the wine region of Argentina. I had booked some hotels in & around Mendoza, and told the interviewer that I am really interested in wines and want to make a youtube video and write some articles about the same. So, most of my conversation was around the food, wine and culture and the interviewer was actually from Mendoza and genuinely recommended things to do in and around Mendoza.

Overall, a short 10-15 minute very friendly interview, where I was asked basic questions around where I am going and what I'd be doing in Argentina. Once you go to Argentina, you'd see how friendly people are, and your first interaction in the embassy would pretty much lay down the foundation for that.

Once the interview is done, your visa is issued the very next day, and it generally takes up to 5 days to receive the stamped passport.

How to Apply for 90-day Multi-Entry Visa for Argentina

I used to think that you can either get 30-day visa or 90-day visa, so I showed a 35-day trip assuming that they'd give me a 90-day visa. But unfortunately, I got a 35-day visa only which was valid for 90 days, but I can stay inside Argentina only for 35 days. I faced a lot of issues because of this as I had planned a longer trip and because of a motorcycle accident, I got delayed as well.

So, if you want a 90-day visa, please specifically ask for 90-day visa valid for 90 days. Show a full 3 month trip if required. Also, for a multi-entry visa, I showed multiple bus journeys in and out of Argentina, just to be on the safer side.

Pro Tips for Argentina Visa for Indians

1) Be immediately available after submitting the documents. Since the interview happens physically at the Argentina Embassy in New Delhi, they can call you any day and would give you only a 1-2 day notice.

2) Apply between Monday to Thursday. There are chances that you may have missed out on a document, this way you can at least visit the embassy the next day to submit your application, otherwise you'd have to wait until Monday.

3) Go sharp at 9AM. Reach the embassy as soon as it opens because the application window closes at 1pm. I went at 12 noon on a Friday, and had gotten the Spanish document notarized. So I had to go back for a fresh print out but by the time I was back, the office was shut and I had to visit again on Monday.

4) Be careful of holidays. I applied for Argentina Visa in December and there was a two-week Xmas & New year holiday immediately after that. It generally takes up to three weeks for Argentina Visa but it took me five weeks because of that.

5) Follow up after a week. If you haven't received any call from the embassy after 7 days, do call them once. In my case, they tried to call me at 10:30 in the morning and I was on a 10-11AM flight and I wasn't even aware of that. They literally didn't call me again. But thankfully, they're responsive if you call them between 10-1, Mon to Fri. (but please wait at least for 7 days after applying)

6) Do not apply too early. I'd recommend that you should only apply for Argentina Visa when there are 4-5 weeks left for your trip. I had applied for the visa in December when I planned enter Argentina in mid-Feb. My visa interview was scheduled on 3rd January and my visa was issued on 4th Jan. But for no logical reason, the validity of my visa started from 4th Jan until 3rd April. And I ended up entering Argentina around the end of March wasting more than 2 months of visa validity. So, please make sure you mention this clearly in your interview date, I had to face a lot of issues because of this.

That's all folks!

There may be some grammatical errors as I literally wrote this in one flow, but I think this is the most comprehensive information you'd need to get Argentina Visa. I had some rough times in Argentina because I was on a motorcycle riding through some of the most desolate landscape in the world on the Patagonian side of Argentina. But in the end, it was all worth it. I visited Lake Buenos Aires, Chalten, Calafate, Ruta 40, Ruda Tilly, Bariloche, Tierra Del Fuego National Park and Ushuaia. If you love meat, you're going to love Argentina!


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