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Kyrgyzstan Visa for Indians

Visa for Indians

In a nutshell 

Go to Kyrgyzstan e-Visa website. Click on apply Visa. Select Visa Type. Fill in the online application. It’s pretty self-explanatory. They send you a confirmation link on the email, click on it within 72 hours before the validity expires. Upload your photo & scanned copy of passport. Make the Payment by debit/credit card. Your e-Visa should arrive in 3-4 working days.

In detail

Kyrgyzstan has one of the easiest Visa processes, partly thanks to the government promoting tourism as it’s home to some of the most surreal mountain landscapes in the world but not a lot of people visit this beautiful country.

You do not have to book tickets or hotel rooms to obtain Kyrgyzstan Visa. All you have to is just go to the official website, and apply. Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Go to Kyrgyzstan’s official e-Visa website – http://www.evisa.e-gov.kg/index.php

Click on – Apply for a Visa

Fill in the Application form, there are 6 steps to Visa submission.

  1. Select Visa Type Cost for Single Entry 30 day Visa – 40 USD Cost for Single Entry 90 day Visa – 50 USD Cost for Double Entry 90 day Visa – 67 USD  (all costs are approximates & may change a dollar or two with exchange  rates)

  2. Fill Basic details Name, Passport details, etc.

  3. Fill details about the trip Purpose of visit, date of entry/exit, etc. There is a section where you have to write contact information of the inviting party. You can skip this. Or just mention the details of the hotel if you’ve booked it.

  4. Upload documents

  5. Digital Photo – Image should be between 300px X 300px to 5000px X 5000px

  6. Scanned copy of the Passport’s front & back page

  7. Other documents – This is not mandatory. But in case you have booked tickets or hotels, you can upload the documents. I uploaded my flight details, my friend did not upload any, we both got the visa.

  8. Confirm Just review your application once & confirm.

  9. Payment Make the payment through a credit card or debit card/

I had received the Visa confirmation within 3 days through e-mail. You just have to take a print out and carry it with you when you travel to Kyrgyzstan. I landed in Bishkek, there is a short queue for Visa stamp which was a breeze for me. But they stopped my friend for almost 30 minutes and didn’t tell the reason, or may be they did but there was a language barrier. Everything was fine after that.

Kyrgyzstan e-visa

About my trip

I combined my trip with two stop-overs in Almaty, Kazakhstan as transit visa for upto 72 hours is free for Indians & Chinese residents. And there is probably no other place in the world where you can do so much in a day, some content on that later.

I spent around 9-10 days in Kyrgyzstan and covered Bishkek, Song-Kul, A-la Kul trek, Altyn Arashan, Karakol & Kadji-say (Issykul lake). There is so much to see in Kyrygyzstan that even if you spent 3 months, there would still be an insanely beautiful place, completely unexplored.

You can check some of the pictures on my Instagram Account.

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When was the last time you spent a night out stargazing? 📸 3000m, Song Kul lake. #milkyway #milkywaychasers #travel #travelphotography #natgeotravel #cntravelerindia #sonyalpha #sonyalphain #sonyphotography #sonya7iii #songkol #lake #nature #kyrgyzstan #silkroad #nightphotography #nightsky #yurt #tripotocommunity #pix_kg #mars #natgeotraveler

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And here’s a short video from my trip to Kyrgyzstan.

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